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Joe Theismann - You Can't Get Better Than a Certified Master Inspector
Temple Daily Telegram - December 2013
Local Company Wins Angie's List Service Award
Arnold Property Inspections was awarded with the 2013 Angie's List Super Service Award for their outstanding residential inspection services in Bell, Coryell and Milam Counties.  API has been serving Central Texas since 2003 and have performed literally tens of thousands of inspections.

API's office can be reached at either 254-899-1098 or through their website at www.arnoldinspections.com
Temple Daily Telegram - May 2010
Todd Arnold Certified as Master Inspector

Todd Arnold, Owner of Arnold Property Inspections, has recently been honored with the designation of Certified Master Inspector by the Master Inspector Certification Board, Inc.  The CMI Board is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in the inspection industry.  The Board holds the registered trademarked designation of Certified Master Inspector, the industry's top professional national and international designation, and awards it to qualifying inspectors who have demonstrated the highest level of competency within their profession.  

Arnold Property Inspections is a real estate services firm performing residential and commercial inspections throughout Central Texas, Mondays through Saturdays and their office can be reached at 254-899-1098 or through their website at www.arnoldinspections.com
News 8 Austin - April 2010
Homebuyers Tax Credit
The federal tax credit available to qualified homebuyers has the phone ringing more often these days at the Temple office of Arnold Property Inspections.  Under the program, first-time homebuyers can receive up to $8,000 in tax credit. Repeat homebuyers, who have lived in their current home for five consecutive years, qualify for a $6,500 tax credit.  According to Office Manager Audrey Arnold, this time of year is usually when things start to slow down, but not this time around.  "We've seen our business almost double," Arnold said. "It's been a 90-percent, to some cases, 100-percent increase."  Records show that last April, the business was conducting 15 to 17 inspections a week.  That number has increased from to 25 to 30 inspections a week this year.  "It started in February, and it's just been impacting us really positively all the way through," she said.  The demand for inspections has gone up so much, the business has had to hire an extra inspector.  "It was a necessity, and now we're wondering if we don't need to go
ahead and look for another inspector, but we're going to wait until the first-time homebuyers credit is over with," she said.  

With a little more than two and a half weeks until the deadline, realtor Margaret Pleasant has seen her days become a little more hectic.  "Showing houses every single day, getting home kind of late," she said. More and more people are attempting to beat the April 30 deadline to find the perfect home. "People are just trying to get in and take advantage of it, more than anything," Pleasant said.  This is not the first time the program was scheduled to expire.  Initially, the homebuyer tax credit was supposed to end in Nov. 2009.

Arnold said the impact to their business then was less noticeable.  "We really didn't see the rush, I mean people literally calling to get it in before April 30, like we have this time."  Even with a date hanging over buyers' heads, Pleasant said these prospective homeowners are not interested in purchasing just any home.  "We're showing more homes instead of showing two or three like we normally do," she said. "We're showing more because there's so many homes out there and the buyer knows he can get a good buy right now."  It’s an incentive that’s working, at least in Austin.  "I've seen my clients really receive that money and take advantage of it, and purchase the things, or put it back for one of the house payments," Pleasant said.  According to the IRS, homebuyers who enter into a binding contract by April 30, and close on a home by June 30 will still be eligible for the tax credit.
Temple Daily Telegram - February 2010
Local Inspection Company Wins Contract with Fort Hood
Arnold Property Inspections of Temple has won the contract with Actus Lend Lease to inspect the Privatized Army Lodging (PAL) Project at Fort Hood.  The PAL Project is a 12-month, multi-million dollar project to renovate and remodel multiple, multi-story buildings that house service men and womens' families when visiting at Fort Hood.  

Arnold Property Inspections is a full service residential and commercial inspection firm serving Central Texas and can be reached through their office at 254-899-1098 or through their website at www.arnoldinspections.com